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Feb 22, 2017

It's the finale. The show is over, the stage is dimmed, and our theme is curtains

Nadine can no longer silence her drape runners, the veil between the worlds is parted. In room 315 the brightest light of all is snuffed out.

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five and a half years ago

I'm not keen on the map/planetary conjunction either but I always read the idea that the Lodge opens at certain times to be a bit like certain stories about people entering the fairy realms. What I mean is that a person can only seek it and get in at certain times but the denizens can let you in anytime they choose, you can certainly end up there if you get lost in the woods and the residents find you interesting.

On Glastonbury Grove more specifically I find it *so* disappointing, this maybe due to me being something of a horticulturist. The grove is part of local lore, it's recorded on an ancient cave map but when we get there, there aren't gnarled, ancient trees but 12 sickly looking saplings that look like they've been dragged from the local garden centre on the morning of filming ! In a show that has spent so much time talking about trees and showing beautiful firs I expected more interesting trees. I have considered the 'they are sickly because of the Lodge' idea but they are still rubbish, magically warped, spindly, stunted, twisted trees would be fine but those just look the poorly cared for trees in a supermarket car park. Love the oily pool though.