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Oct 16, 2016

This time on Diane the team channel the voice of Windom Earle and demand that THE KING MUST DIE.

Ben Horne considers his fallen empire, Mayor Milford mumbles his way off stage, and Dale Cooper can no longer be constrained by the FBI.

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Felix Reuter
over six years ago

Hi there guys!

I think this was your best episode to date. I`m a huge Twin Peaks-fan and watched the whole show - and FWWM - probably 8-9 times in total. For some reason I find the stretch that you are now entering - episode 18-22 - the most interesting to analyse, especially because these episodes are so weird, off-beat and messy that I can´t help but love them. Really the only story-arc on the show that I can´t deal with is the James-Evelyn-debacle. It goes nowhere and as you already mentioned: It doesn´t even take place in Twin Peaks, which I guess could be an interesting change of pace but alas, Evelyn´s shnenanigans are so obvious from the start. I even like the Little Nicky-storyline simply because I love Ian Buchanan as Dick Tremayne. His smug grin and condescending attitude towards Andy is just hilarious to me. The end of the Nicky-storyline is also totally absurd and fascinating to me and I simply don´t understand how it even got in this show. I mean you have Doc Hayward scolding Andy and Dick until they cry for suspecting Nicky of being the devil: What the hell? Is this a cartoon? xD
Oh and I love the scene where Ben is watching his home-movies.^^ Richard Beymer makes me tear up in this scene just because of his amazing acting backed up by a soft rendering of the Twin Peaks-Theme in the background. I think it also gives the town a bit more depth and history by seeing how Ben´s dad laid the groundwork for the Great Northern.

I really enjoy your podcast and I´m very excited about your next installments, primarily because of the upcoming weird episodes.^^ Keep up the good work!

Greeting from Germany!