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Ad, Bob, Mark & Rosie's Twin Peaks podcast. Art, storytelling, and the magical lodge-ics of Frost and Lynch.

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Dec 7, 2016

This time on Diane the natural world is imbued with spirits and our theme is Animism.

Ben Horne takes up the case of the Pine Weasel, three angels describe a world awash with love, and even the most mundane piece of furniture can possess a soul.

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over seven years ago

Regarding the final Josie scene, and your comments of it being arbitrary and unearned from what I have heard this scene is something Lynch contributed. The story as I heard it is this episode was written and being filmed and the night before it was recorded Lynch turns up with 'revisions' and going on about Josie becoming a drawer-pull. So if it feels a bit cobbled together it may be because Lynch sprang it on people out of nowhere.