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Ad, Bob, Mark & Rosie's Twin Peaks podcast. Art, storytelling, and the magical lodge-ics of Frost and Lynch.

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Jul 20, 2016

Rosie, Bob and Adam discuss the ninth episode of David Lynch and Mark Frost's Twin Peaks, Coma.

Creamed corn vanishes, Audrey is dragged from Cooper’s grasp, and alien messages are delivered. 

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almost six years ago

Hi, just discovered your podcast, as mentioned above I love how you start highbrow and then before anything gets too rarefied you discuss excellent hair or the lingerie at One-Eyed Jacks.
I wish I could be as charitable as you all are about the singing scene, it's painful to watch and represents the only time I have ever been happy to have BOB (who to this day as a 43 year old still terrifies me)turn-up straight after. I actually feel sorry for the James Marshall having to play that, it doesn't sound like he was comfortable with it all.

I can see what John is saying that they might have been aiming at The Everely Brothers sound but boy they missed !

Loved the comments of how BOB interacts with furniture, I always think of BOB in relation to furniture or mirrors.

Great show (I listen to some other podcasts but yours is really different and it's nice to hear fellow Brits discussing it, all the other people I listen to are all US-based)

six and a half years ago

I put these comments on the episode 7 entry at but wanted it attached to the actual episode in question so here it is:

It hadn’t occurred to me that Dale is the disappearing man just like his namesake, but all things I’ve heard about the new episodes makes this more true than I’d have ever wanted.
Also, I like your Buddhist Wolverine comment…maybe the new episodes will find the long-absent Coop discovered in Madripoor.

NEVER quite put together Donna never giving her name to the Tremonds…maybe that’s the reason she’s never brought back into the lodge stuff. That’s one of my big “If I could fix one thing” things to clean up that dip in the back half, making Donna a focal point of the supernatural so that the supernatural remains in the show… But if you don’t eat their offered food, if you don’t give them your name, then they have no power over you… Excellent observation.
And as a Midwesterner, creamed corn is pretty sweet (and I so like it) but if you’re not familiar with the texture it can be interesting. It’s got a buttery feel but with the skin of corn kernels still present. Most similar idea I can come up with is orange juice with pulp.

We love our trains too, but the sheer expanse of the US makes their gigantic upkeep cost-ineffective especially when you have planes and highways doing everything so much more efficiently. And Metro trains are in regular circulation in the bigger cities.

The Log Lady’s cabin (per the audio Diane tapes) is near Pearl Lakes, as is the cabin where “bite the bullet” happened.

Twin Peaks is often a love letter to things that have come before (like the Patty Duke Show’s identical twin cousins), and in the case of James, Donna and Maddie singing that song, the show’s nodding to how Rick Nelson sang songs in the living room at the end of Ozzie and Harriet episodes. (And I think the vocal sound they were shooting for was the Everly Brothers.)
I found your joyful James impressions highly endearing, by the way. Rosie, yours especially made me laugh. LOVE how you blend the fun and the highbrow together.

Your show is always so good…thanks for another bright spot in my week.