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Jul 24, 2017

Part 11 saw Becky get a gun, Dougie get a pie, and Gordon attempt to wave down a blue rose. Join us as we discuss the twin peaks of violent rupture and the warm heart of home.

The world spins and the fire rises. There's no back up for this, ladies and gentlemen.

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Jul 18, 2017

The air is electric with violence and lust, as we discuss episode 10 of Twin Peaks The Return. 

This time we talk hot Dougie love, aesthetic over plot, the power of pink, and the rise of some very peaksian energies. Oh, did we mention Laura's ghost?


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Jul 11, 2017

We discuss Twin Peaks the return part 9.

The Major and the Agent are scattered to the four winds, ladies and gentlemen, and this episode we’re trying to piece them back together.

The conversation around this dinner table is always lively, so let’s get started.

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